Introducing The Ospree API

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Introducing The Ospree API

For Ospree, the focus has always been on making the job of a compliance officer simple, from the beginning we set out to design an elegant solution to streamline workflows. To this end, we are happy to announce the introduction of our RESTful API, allowing your business to directly connect your client database, platform or system to Ospree. 

What type of operations are supported?

▪  Create new accounts and update existing client profiles

▪  Monitor transactions and addresses/ wallets

▪  Integrate with your existing KYC provider 

▪  Generate Suspicious Activity Reports

All conveniently connected directly to your existing user interface. Utilising our API module will allow for a seamless transition between your platform and Ospree, your preferred compliance partner. Save your resources and eliminate opportunities for error.

Use the Ospree API to collect and centralise your compliance workflow.

Ospree’s API is now live! 🎉🎉  Our existing customers will have immediate access to the API module within the platform they are already familiar with.  For new customers interested in testing our API & platform please contact our Sales Team for a demo. 

Ospree API uses GET, POST, PATCH, PUT and DELETE requests to communicate and HTTP response codes to indicate status and errors. Ospree’s API is served over HTTPS TLS v1.1+ to ensure data privacy. All responses come in standard JSON. All requests must include a Content-Type of application/json and the body must be valid JSON.

For more information, see a demo, or to try out our solution please contact us at support@ospree.io. And please subscribe to our LinkedIn Page for regular updates.