Ospree Flow: A Complete and Automated Travel Rule Solution

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Ospree Flow: A Complete and Automated Travel Rule Solution

We’ve been building to this… 

The FATF announced the Travel Rule in 2019, and the idea for Ospree was born. We started building a solution for collecting and connecting the data needed to complete this information exchange, connecting the Travel Rule, Blockchain Analytics, and KYC.

Now the time has finally come and we are releasing Flow , a Travel Rule solution that automates your workflow and allows you to pre-validate information for a seamless data transfer.

Flow will be part of the next version of our platform, and can be turned on with the switch of a button for our existing clients. Our focus is always on making our customers’ experience better. Our API integration capabilities mean that you can pull in all the necessary client and transaction data, encrypted to comply with GDPR and other regional data privacy standards.

Automate Travel Rule Data Input: 

  • Bring together transaction and client data securely, all in an IVMS101 compatible data package, with minimal human input.
  • Reduce manual errors with an automated, scalable solution for high volume crypto businesses.  
  • Check the status of sent and received Travel Rule transfers.
  • Easily track and organize pending transactions, and reject / cancel / archive transfers as needed.

Pre-Validation – Reduce Friction in Crypto Payments between VASPs:

  • Before initiating a Travel Rule data transfer, validate the information of your counter-parties and “whitelist” the businesses your company interacts with most.
  • Eliminate friction, reduce delays, and deliver a seamless payment experience to your customers.

Safeguard PII Data Exchange:  

  • IVMS101 compatible and can support multiple Travel Rule protocols.
  • Encrypted messaging system for VASPs that do not yet have a Travel Rule solution in place.

Existing clients can access Ospree Flow in limited beta starting on August 1st.

Interested in Ospree Flow ? email us at sales@ospree.io to schedule a demo.