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Law Firms or Consultants

Law and consulting firms rely on analytics tools to conduct blockchain investigations on behalf of their clients. Investigations are conducted for various purposes: (1) Projects receiving or sending large crypto funds from/to specific unknown wallets. (2) Handling litigation inquiries involving crypto funds. (3) Ongoing monitoring of funds under investigation.

Legal and consulting firms rely on Ospree’s analytics tools to conduct comprehensive blockchain investigations. Whether it’s tracking large crypto transactions, supporting litigation, or monitoring funds under investigation, our platform provides the insights needed for decisive action.


Double Checking: Ensuring consistency and accuracy across diverse datasets while cross-referencing for comprehensive insights poses a significant challenge and associated costs.

Diverse Data Sets: Complex blockchain investigations require cross-referencing multiple data sets to ensure consistency and accuracy, which requires manual intervention and comes at a high associated cost.

Export data for further analytics: Exporting large amounts of data in multiple formats.

Specific Requirements: Depending on client needs, service providers often need to export large amounts of data in multiple formats, either to integrate with existing tools or for reports aimed at a very targeted audience.

How can we help?

Data Source Agnostic: The platform red flags suspicious activities using multiple data sources to enhance the accuracy of reports and assessments. Quickly analyze transactions and identify potential risks.

Comprehensive Risk Detection: With Ospree, users can leverage multi-source data integration to quickly identify and assess potential risk and rely on the platform to red flag suspicious activities and analyze transactions

Versatile Exporting: Exporting data in various formats such as CSV, Excel, or JSON, to integrate with other tools or platforms. Allows users to create reports, enabling customization in terms of content, ensuring that the reports generated are relevant to the intended audience.

Customized Exports: Our platform supports exporting data in a variety of formats tailored to meet the unique needs of each investigation or client presentation.