Case Study

Payment Companies

Case Study: Streamlining Payment Processing with Ospree Payment processing companies must manage high transaction volumes while ensuring compliance and speed. AB Payments (*), a leading payment processor with a global customer base, grapples with maintaining efficient operations amidst stringent regulatory requirements and high customer expectations for rapid, uninterrupted service. Using multiple tools in isolation adds …

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Neo Banks and Crypto Exchanges

Neo Banks and Exchanges face significant compliance demands due to high transaction volumes, managing multiple assets, and operating both crypto and fiat payment systems. They require robust solutions, including blockchain analytics, adherence to the Travel Rule, and integration of REST APIs, for seamless operations and regulatory compliance. Faced with an evolving regulatory landscape, neo banks …

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Law Firms or Consultants

Law and consulting firms rely on analytics tools to conduct blockchain investigations on behalf of their clients. Investigations are conducted for various purposes: (1) Projects receiving or sending large crypto funds from/to specific unknown wallets. (2) Handling litigation inquiries involving crypto funds. (3) Ongoing monitoring of funds under investigation. Legal and consulting firms rely on …

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